The guy sitting next to me on the boat in southern Thailand couldn’t have known who he was talking to when he started recounting his trip to the only girl awkwardly wearing long sleeves and pants in peak summer heat (the sun is a merciless lover!).

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“We are traveling another two weeks or so…until my money runs out.

Surely he took my smile as travel camaraderie when really, I was suppressing my consternation.

WTF was this dude thinking?


And his is not a unique story. The internet teems with blogs of people quitting their jobs with just enough saved to go for it. I read them. I love them. I am jealous of them. But also, I worry for them.


The rhetoric of twenty-something travel needs to change. 

You can save for your next plane ticket without neglecting your 401k. You can and should travel with an emergency fund. You can side hustle your way to a full passport.

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Personal finance meets traveling blogging in June 2014.

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