That’s not milk. It’s a big ol’ serving of sweetened condensed milk, with a splash of coffee Consequently, it was also the best coffee I’ve ever had.… Read More

What, you don’t theme your travel and dietary decisions around the Clintons?… Read More

A few weeks after booking our Yangon->Ho Chi Mihn flight, we received a not-even-slightly-apologetic email staying that our second flight had been cancelled and we’d now have a 10+ hr layover in Bangkok. Going to an AirAsia office to ask for alternatives/compensation was unsurprisingly unsuccessful. When we got to Bangkok, AirAsia gave us McDonalds burger… Read More

Everyone needs to know that the happiest moments on the trip for Cheyne are when hotels surprise us with free ‘welcome’ juice… Read More

I’m really dragging this meet-up with our new friend out but every moment was ridiculous and makes me want to overshare (#millennial). The theme of our journey to the village was “wtf are these foreigners doing,” because that was clearly what everyone who saw us was thinking. What they don’t tell you about traveling is… Read More