This is why we (I) picked our hotel in Pakse, Laos. Pakse, Laos, is also home to the best Indian food I’ve ever had. Land of plenty.… Read More

For some reason, upon landing in Laos and reading some tripadvisor, Cheyne got really into the idea of quesadillas. Lamenting the lack of Mexican food is the fastest way to build camaraderie with any American you meet abroad, btw.  I’m not a dream killer so we went to find chicken quesadillas in the middle of… Read More

1. We met up with a friend I met through work for what we thought was lunch and turned out to be a nearly week-long amazing tour of Hanoi. He was the best. 2. There are a surprising number of Czech breweries in Hanoi. And they serve this braided smoked cheese I’ve only seen in… Read More

We had been looking forward to going from Ho Chi Mihn to Hanoi via train. We had been looking forward to it because I stupidly read the “Reunification Express” timeline and assumed they were overnight trains and not 30+ hours trains.  I caught my mistake before we bought tickets but we went for it anyways,… Read More

A quick and cheap teeth cleaning in HCMC. The hygienist was disappointed that my American dentists don’t use sonic cleaning tech. AND they give full-sized goodies after a cleaning. Recommend. … Read More